Recover deleted Records.

marsheng posted 3 years ago in General
I was busy writing my app in Delphi and testing the delete records while debugging. I have a daily backup of my computer, so I thought I would just recover the data when finished, that was till I realized that the MYSQL DB was not included in the backup.

Any way to recover records. - No work has been done on the DB since the deletions.

Thanks Wallace.
jfalch posted 3 years ago
cf. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6924823/how-to-recover-just-deleted-rows-in-mysql - in short: generally not possible unless you happen to use innodb.
marsheng posted 3 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

I did download innodb but I ended up with a whole lot of c files. I could not find out how to run it.

Is there an windows exe somewhere?

Thanks Wallace
kalvaro posted 3 years ago
You... you downloaded InnoDB??

InnoDB is an option you select when you create a table:

marsheng posted 3 years ago
I'm learning all the time. I thought InnoDB was an app. This is what I looked at


It is full of c code.

It looks like the default for MYSQL is InnoDB, so I'm part the way there.

The data is not too important but the exercise is very worth while doing. Just in case it happens with important data.

Ps my MYSQL DB is running off a raspberry PI. Very slow with the terminal and PHPMYAdmin to work on it, but accessing the data with my Delphi program is lightening fast. Very impressed. Running off an 8GB flash disk.

jfalch posted 3 years ago
you get the tool in source code format, which means you have to compile it yourself; no mean feat. i do not know the raspi, so i dont know wether a compiler is already installed (try typing the command gcc to the shell and observe what happens); if not, you´ll have to install packages for gcc and make, probably more, at least the mysql-dev package conatining the mysql server header files.
when all packages are installed, you should be able to cd into the tools´ dir and type the command make, this should start the compile and deliver 1+ excutable. if it doesn´t, good luck and happy googling.

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