Editing a mediumtext field

ajrosati posted 4 years ago in General
I have 3 questions:

1) When editing a column in a table that has a datatype of medium text the editor does not save the changes I made. Why not?

2) When a table structure is displayed can the font be bigger? If so how?

3) Can I change the editor heidi uses? The one heidi uses is not very good. For instance you can not search or do global changes. This is very important since I have a lot of text fields to edit.

Any assistance would be very helpful.


ansgar posted 4 years ago
1) You need to press the green check button, or press Ctrl+Enter in the editor window. The window will close and you will see a red corner in the modified cell. Post them to the server by again pressing Ctrl+Enter or the button on the main toolbar with the green checkmark on it.

2) You need to modify your global Windows font size setting if you want a larger font there.

3) You cannot switch to some other editors in HeidiSQL, just use the provided editor for single updates. If you need to search/replace something, the "Search + replace" dialog can be helpful, as it supports searching and replacing in the data grid. See the documentation for more help.
Patel12 posted 4 years ago
You need to modify your global Windows font size setting if you want a larger font there???
Is it??
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ajrosati posted 4 years ago

Thanks for replying to my questions. I love HeidiSQL. It makes life so much easier for me to do the restructuring I am doing to me database tables.

micuki posted 1 year ago

thanks for sharing us!

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