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[minor bug] query editor: double-click on string literal does not select whole string if string contains German umlauts

apric's profile image apric posted 4 years ago in General Permalink
To reproduce open a query editor tab and paste the following:

/* double click selects the whole string: */
SELECT 'prefixasuffix' FROM dual;
/* German umlaut 'ä' in string: double click selects only 'prefix' or 'suffix': */
SELECT 'prefixäsuffix' FROM dual;

Try double-clicking the 2 string literals, description in the comments.
This is unusual behavior, no text editor or word processor does this.
I don't remember this happening in the past with HeidiSQL, is this a new bug?

- HeidiSQL (64bit)
- win8.1 x64
- MySQL 5.6

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