Sorting big tables crashes the program

pinoy posted 1 year ago in General

Hi, when soring big tables using datagrid headers it crashes heidisql ui. I use to query just to sort it manually.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Well I think it does not crash, it just takes long, and the HeidiSQL window doesn't respond during the query, right?

prontom posted 1 year ago

I have same problem. My version program Can you optimize sorting algorithm of big tables in future builds? Is it possible make program multi-threading in order to it use several cores of CPU?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

The query execution done in a query tab is already running in a separate thread. All other things are running in HeidiSQL's main thread.

Especially running queries for the data grid would require big efforts, and the effect would be minimal. The user would be able to do some other stuff, but not much. You would not be able to execute another query, not even clicking a different table or database in the tree, which would fire internal queries. The reason is that the connection to the MySQL server only allows to run one query at a time.

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