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Problems Importing Using An SQL Script.

mitcon's profile image mitcon posted 3 years ago in Import/Export Permalink

I am new to HeidiSQL. I have been satisfied with DBManager Pro, until I find out they have no fix for Win 10. I like what I see with HeidiSQL, I've read good reviews from current users.

I am playing around with the software and trying to setup a test database using a table from an existing DB. To setup the test db I created an SQL dump file of one of the small tables then changed the db name in the SQL script file to 'test db' which I created using HeidiSQL. I then went into the empty test db table clicked the SQL tab and loaded the SQL file. I made sure the SQL results pane was clear, then selected Run on the popup menu.

I got a message box saying that I had multiple errors (2,3 or 6) and the table never got created. I have both the create options chosen when I created the SQL export file.

Nowhere can I find a listing of the errors. If I could find a list I could probably troubleshoot this myself. I see no errors listed in the SQL pane.

I have attached the SQL file that was created.

Thanks for your help. So far I like what I have seen. This export/import technique is critical for how I do backups.

Thanks, Mitch

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kalvaro's profile image kalvaro posted 3 years ago Permalink

Try enabling the "Stop on errors in batch mode" button:

In any case, when I run your code I don't get any error. I only get some warnings:

[Window Title]
#test: Warning

[Main Instruction]
Your query produced 3 warnings.

Warnings from last query:
Note: Table storage engine for 'artists' doesn't have this option


As about warnings, it's a kind of known issue. The SQL standard mandates that warnings are cleared on next operation and HeidiSQL only runs SHOW WARNINGS after the script ends so warnings are already gone. I remember this was discussed some time ago but I'm not sure if some conclusion was reached.

mitcon's profile image mitcon posted 3 years ago Permalink

Ok feel really dumb... Got into HeidiSQL for the first time today, expanded test db and the artist table was there... Q: Could it be something as simple as doing a refresh after the new table was imported? A: YES!

Exported the Albums table, imported into test db, F5 Refresh, BINGO!

DBManager didn't require a Refresh, HeidiSQL seems to require one. No problem, just need to remember to do it...


Thanks for the reply, Mitch

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