Postgress ALTER table error and Heidi LANG preference

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PostgresSQL 9.6 Windows 2012 Server R2 Heidi

Hi a few words to say. Firstly, great, simple DB GUI tool. Secondly I've to work with PostgresSQL at the moment and it seems to be WORST ever DB I've worked with and have WORST ever seen GUI tools (I've a lot of experience with with MySQL, Oracle and MSSQL so I can compare things).

When I try to manage Postgres using Heidi I've following errors:

  1. Multiple errors when viewing table properties (screen attached)

/ Unknown datatype "CARDINAL_NUMBER" for "sizing_id". Fall back to UNKNOWN. / / Unknown datatype "CHARACTER_DATA" for "sizing_name". Fall back to UNKNOWN. / etc...

  1. When I try to alter table from GUI following error occurs:

ALTER TABLE "akwizytor" ALTER COLUMN "imie" CHAR(45) NULL DEFAULT NULL; / BŁĄD: błąd składni w lub blisko "CHAR" LINE 2: ALTER COLUMN "imie" CHAR(45) NULL DEFAULT NULL ^ /

Translation: / ERROR: Syntax error in or near "CHAR" (...) / Probably misinterpreted double quotes or so?

  1. Heidi language preference is set to English, so there should be NO messages in other languages or formatting preferences in other languages, even when DB collation is set to any national character set. See point above with potential single/double quote misinterpretation.

Thanks for taking care for above examples.

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