Collation question/issue

Jay50 posted 9 months ago in General


I have a MySQL table that is utf8_general_ci (MyISAM).

One of the rows of data contains a Spanish word (Cariño).

When I export the data to an SQL file, then import to my localhost this word has been converted to Cariño.

What could be causing this, and how can I resolve?

Many thanks

kalvaro posted 9 months ago

The export looks fine. Either your target database isn't using UTF-8, or you've never declared your data as such.

Jay50 posted 9 months ago

Thanks for the reply Kalvaro.

Just looked at the exported SQL file in a text editor and it's fine.

Can you explain where I should be looking? I'm guessing because the export is ok the data is declared correctly?

When I view the SQL, at the point it creates the data-structure for this table, it states:

kalvaro posted 9 months ago

You can see your column collations in the Table Editor. And you can tell HeidiSQL that a file is UTF-8 in the "Load SQL File" dialog.

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