Cannot create NDBCLUSTER tables

EmmyS posted 9 months ago in General

Our company is moving to using NDBCLUSTER for our mysql tables. We are able to create them using the MySQL CLI, but if I try to create a table in HeidiSQL, NDBCLUSTER is not one of the engine choices, and if I run a query that creates a table with the engine set to NDBCLUSTER, HeidiSQL throws and error and creates the table with InnoDB.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

ansgar posted 9 months ago

HeidiSQL internally runs SHOW ENGINES to retrieve the engines offered in the dropdown of the table designer. If NDBCLUSTER is not in that list, the server most probably does not offer it.

When you say "HeidiSQL throws an error", I guess you mean it shows a warning like "NDBCLUSTER" not available or something?

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