elapsed time executing query

bzoks posted 8 months ago in Feature discussion

Hello! I'm running a lot of long queries (10+ minutes, some also in hours). It would be very helpful if status bar would show elapsed time since start of query execution. It shows and updates server uptime, it shows time when query execution started, ... but how long it is running is more interesting/important. My common use case is for example that I modify query and wait for few minutes for results... but can't know if it is near (usual) completion or was "stuck" and should be rewritten.

Best regards, Boštjan

ansgar posted 8 months ago

I also noticed that the elapsed time would help more than the start time does. So I guess I could change the very right status panel in that way.

bzoks posted 8 months ago

Yes, I believe this would be great. Best regards, Boštjan

apric posted 8 months ago

A useful feature suggestion!

ansgar posted 7 months ago

Latest HeidiSQL build now show the elapsed time in hh:mm:ss format instead of just the starting time.

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