Oops ... Need an UNDO ...Please

aikona posted 1 year ago in General


Using the query windows , I often do a copy paste from one query window to another and every now and then my fingers 'slip'

Would it be possible to implement a undo for the query window using the right button click ( as for instance in this same window )


kalvaro posted 1 year ago

Are you talking about adding a menu entry to the option that already exists (Ctrl + Z by default) or something new?

(Funny... The forum "Preview" suggests you cannot type + (plus) characters...)

scottlapointe posted 5 months ago

In the last few nighty builds, the UNDO only seems to stop working after 4-5 undos.

Can this be reverted back to unlimited?

ansgar posted 5 months ago

Ok, I just tested that, and I could successfully undo writing 15 lines in the query tab. Hmm? :)

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