Error Connecting to MS SQL Server with TLS 1.0 Disabled

johnslattery posted 2 months ago in General


As I understand it, TLS 1.0 has been disabled on a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 instance I use. Since then, on attempting to connect via TCP/IP with version (64 Bit) I see:

SQL Error (18): [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (SECDoClientHandshake()).]SSL Security error SSL Security error.

With night build version (64 Bit) I see:

SQL Error (6): [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]Specified SQL server not found Specified SQL server not found.



johnslattery posted 1 month ago

Subsequently, issue 237 was opened. The fix appears to be in pull request 256.

alexasamson posted 3 weeks ago

First off, I have been searching all over for an answer to this, and I am also new to SQL coding, so please bear with me. I have found help from and they provide me the great information. So you also go there if you want to know more.

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