Connect with Multiple SSH Tunnels

w00kie posted 7 months ago in General


Is it correct that HeidiSQL only supports one SSH tunnel when connecting? I have two hops before I can connect to MySQL.


ansgar posted 7 months ago

Who said that? :)

No, HeidiSQL supports multiple parallel SSH connections. There was an issue with sessions on the same port number, when the user selected the same local port for 2 different SSH tunnels, e.g. 3307. But I worked around that issue, by checking whether the selected port is in use by some process, and auto-selecting a different one in that case. I just don't recall when I did that fix, and whether it's already in the current release.

w00kie posted 7 months ago

Oh, what I meant was that in the SSH tab you can only put in one host/port. My connection flow is like this:

pc -> box1 -> box2 that has mysql on it.

For now I ended up using ssh tunneling and connecting to MySQL locally, but it would be nice if HeidiSQL allowed for a chain of ssh connections :)

ansgar posted 7 months ago

Ok, chaining over more than one SSH host is not supported in HeidiSQL.

w00kie posted 7 months ago

Got it, thanks for the response :)

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