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Adding JSON type field in table

cub1960's profile image cub1960 posted 9 months ago in General

Trying to add a JSON field to a table. Keep getting a 1064 error - see attachment. Just trying to create a new table in HeidiSQL.

1 attachment(s):
  • mysql-error-for-json-type-fields
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 months ago

Perhaps your server does not yet support JSON columns. You should post more details about your setup here.

cub1960's profile image cub1960 posted 4 months ago

Ok so I am still getting this error. I had tried a few other things but I am back trying to add the JSON type column.

My MySQL is hosted on SiteGround. Not sure what else you need to figure out why I can;t create this type.

cub1960's profile image cub1960 posted 4 months ago

Alright - after at least 30 mins on with SiteGround - they said it's version 5.6. So yep doesn't support JSON. Any suggestions on other hosting for MySQL with 5.7 or higher?

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