find a value accros all tables in db

mgroen posted 3 months ago in General

I need to search (and find) for a specific value accross all tables in a database. lets say to search for "comment"

in result window I'd like to see all tables and columns and rows which contains the searched field "comment"

Does HeidiSQL support this? (without the need to enter the query)? So by means of entering the value in search popup box, and press Search.

thanks Mathijs

ansgar posted 3 months ago

Yes, that's a feature of HeidiSQL: click the main menu item "Search", then click "Find text on server". The rest should be intuitive.

mgroen posted 3 months ago

Thanks for your answer.

I did a full search (on complete server) with a string "aa-bb-cc", ran the search for 2 hours.

now HeidiSQL hangs... see attached screenshot.

Could this be resolved? I am running on Windows10 64bit with 32GB RAM

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ansgar posted 3 months ago

I'd recommend to click "wait", as Windows is not aware of what HeidiSQL actually does. Heidi is just busy finishing your search.

You should watch out to leave out huge tables in a search over the whole server, or a database. It can of course take forever on a 100GB table.

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