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HeidiSQL with MySQL 8.x - Store Original View Source in Selected Directory?

Inara's profile image Inara posted 6 months ago in General

We recently updated some of our servers to MySQL 8.x, and one of the side effects of the data dictionary changes was the removal of the *.frm files that HeidiSQL historically used to store the original source for views. The ability to view copies of the original source (including comments) for views was always one of my favorite features of HeidiSQL, since the MySQL folks have stubbornly refused to support that feature for the past 15 years or so.

Would it be possible to introduce an option for HeidiSQL to store/log copies of the original view SQL in a user-specified directory, now that the *.frm files are no longer present in the MySQL data directory itself to support that feature?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 months ago

That would be quite dangerous, as local copies are not synchronized with changes from other users, or?

Inara's profile image Inara posted 6 months ago

That's a very fair point. We're a small team, so right now we're just manually storing the SQL sources for the views in a shared directory on our NAS, and I was figuring we could have everyone's instance of HeidiSQL pointed to that same directory for auto-updating of the source SQL, but I can see that obviously wouldn't work for any larger or more complex development setups.

I suppose we may have to just stick to the manual mechanism for the time being and pray that the MySQL devs eventually come to their senses on saving source/comments for views in the metadata.

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