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Joelfb posted 4 weeks ago in General

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TTSneko posted 4 weeks ago

Install a reliable AV suite, then disable Windows Defender. Problem solved.

Joelfb posted 4 weeks ago

hint, I already had a similar issue with another AV before ;-

TTSneko posted 4 weeks ago

Hint: I said "reliable AV Suite".

That excludes AVs with a standing history on false positives like Zemana and Norton -or- spammer data suppliers like Avira and its GData clone.

ansgar posted 4 weeks ago

That's a known issue in the downloads - they have no code signature currently. See issue #152, and feel free to post a link to a cheap code signer if you have one.

Joelfb posted 4 weeks ago

@TTSneko would you please suggest what you consider a reliable AV Suite? Thanks

Wiikend posted 3 weeks ago

@Joelfb I don't know about the other guy, but I tested BitDefender a few years back, and really liked it because it's lightweight and non-intrusive, and got pretty much top notch scores in misc tests. I'm using Windows Defender now, though, because it is free and I feel it's sufficient. Like Ansgar said, you're getting the message because Windows can't find evidence that it comes from a trusted source (since there's no digital signature for the executable). If you trust the source, it can be ignored. I think Ansgar has too much reputation to lose to screw us over this late in the game. :P

fyrye posted 3 weeks ago

This is a known issue with downloaded files that have not been signed, such as with downloaded Excel files.

To remove the error/restrictions before running the executable, you have to "Unblock" the downloaded executable. Otherwise click "Run anyway" to accomplish the same process below.

  • Right click the file
  • Click Properties
  • In the Dialog, check "Unblock"
  • Click Apply
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Joelfb posted 3 weeks ago

For everyone's info... this issues doesn't happen with every update of heidisql but with some which makes me doubt if the missing signature is the issue.

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