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jan posted 3 weeks ago in General

SQL Color settings dark, light, white and black not working. the colors stay like configured before. only material change the colors.


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ansgar posted 3 weeks ago

Not so here. Weird. Although the colors in the preview panel seem to be correct for dark preset.

IsaiasFilho posted 3 weeks ago

Same error to me...

Accessing for the first time "Preferences > SQL", the color predefinition is blank.

When I choose some of the options, the color scheme does not change.

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ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Could it be that "Material" is the only working preset?

I have the feeling that these translated preset names are problematic. After switching the app language to English, I guess it works.

IsaiasFilho posted 2 weeks ago

Hm.. Yes... may be the language..

When I switch the app language to English, all the presets work fine, but when I switch back to portuguese they stop working.

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

I just committed a fix for these translated presets. Should work in the next build.

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