Heidi Version (64 Bit) crashes after loading SQL file into empty database.

DRD161 posted 3 months ago in General

Any time I load an SQL file into an empty database the SQL file finishes loading then the program crashes. The top menu bar and the menu that opens when you right click on a database turn white and I can't do anything. Once I close the program via the task manager I can restart it and it works fine but it's annoying and inconvenient to have to restart the program and re-connect just to load an SQL file.

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stajne posted 3 months ago

This started happening to me after updating to version 10 I think, it is very irritating.

IsaiasFilho posted 3 months ago

This error is happening to me too. But I think it's the app theme, because this bug just happens when I'm not using Windows default theme. Try to switch your theme to Windows default and see if the error persists.

stajne posted 3 months ago

it seems that you are right, but then this means you can't use themes which defeats their purpose :D

IsaiasFilho posted 3 months ago

Unfortunately.. I'm using the Windows theme only because of this bug..

ansgar posted 3 months ago

This might be caused by the progress dialog, which is a special Windows dialog, not designed in HeidiSQL itself. Similar to message or warning dialogs, which you don't design yourself in Delphi, you just call them, and probably give them some properties.

Tom_Neverwinter posted 2 months ago

I have this same issue. Thankfully I found this post about the theme issues. Hopefully this issue gets fixed and we can use that sweet sweet dark theme.

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