POSTGRES setting variables. Works in PGAdmin. Error in Heidi

danoldenkamp posted 2 months ago in Running SQL scripts

This generic set a variable and print it script doesn't work but works in PGAdmin. his looks like a PostGres compatibility issue.


DO $$ DECLARE counter INTEGER := link text1;

first_name VARCHAR(50) := 'John';

last_name VARCHAR(50) := 'Doe';

payment NUMERIC(11,2) := 20.5;


RAISE NOTICE '% % % has been paid % USD', counter, first_name, last_name, payment;

END $$;

Koszyk posted 2 months ago

I can confirm that. I think it is double dolar related. I think it is shortly described here .

I sav various PostgreSql codes. Some people use $$ and some $body$ and other.

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