Material Theme - highlighting a line has no change in color

HerrimanCoder posted 3 days ago in General

I love the Material Theme (dark) in HeidiSQL 10.1 - except when I highlight a line, there is no background color behind/over the highlighted characters. When highlighted, it does however turn all the text white, so you can kind of tell it's highlighted, but it's very hard to tell. I want the highlighted text to remain the same color, but some kind of highlight/overlay color to easily show what is highlighted. Is there some way I can solve this?

In Heidi, you can scarcely tell what is highlighted:

In NPP by contrast, you can easily tell what is highlighted:

I have been in Heidi->Tools->Preferences->SQL and tried many things, but nothing works.

What can be done?

ansgar posted 3 days ago

You should report that to CharlieEtienne's bugtracker:

HerrimanCoder posted 3 days ago



It's really lame that I can't post URLs. Can someone please grant me permission to do this?

ansgar posted 3 days ago

Sorry for the inconveniance. My forum was targeted by penetrant spammers, mostly posting some url for backlink reasons.

HerrimanCoder posted 3 days ago

I updated HeidiSQL and it is fixed now. Thank you.

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