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Error when making a querry - bug report

streamsplitter's profile image streamsplitter posted 1 year ago in General Permalink

I added some new column to a table called usuarios (users). This column, "estado", would tell if a user is enabled ("disponible") or blocked ("noDisponible"). When I try to make a query from a web project trough PHP (localhost), query does not work, just as if column "estado" would not exist. Here is a bug report, from when I tried to make the query from HeidiSQL itself (the query is SELECT * FROM USUARIOS WHERE estado = "noDisponible"), however, after showing this bug report, query is working fine from Heidi, but not from my localhost website. In my website the line with problems is: "if ( password_verify($contrasena, $hash) && $usuarioActual['estado'] == 'noDisponible'){ (do something) }".

The bug report from HeidiSQL query, attached as file (thank you in advance)

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streamsplitter's profile image streamsplitter posted 1 year ago Permalink

Ok, for some reason I cannot understand, typing: $estado = $usuarioActual["Estado"]; (with capital E, and double quotation) does it well for my web project... but I don't know what happened with the bug in Heidi.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 year ago Permalink

I already fixed that crash in HeidiSQL. Your used version is outdated. Please consider updating.

For bug reports, it is important to even use the latest build.

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