Heidi restores all previously saved queries (20+)

aSystemOverload posted 2 weeks ago in General

After Heidi tries to max out my RAM, I end-task'd it. When I re-open it, Heidi restores every window previously saved, not just those that were open when I end-task'd it.

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Well what do you expect when you terminate an application via "end-tasking" - for which I guess you mean you kill it via task manager?

aSystemOverload posted 2 weeks ago

I expect it to either start afresh (no query windows), or it to restore those query windows that were present when I end-task'd it (due to being non-responsive). Not to restore every query I've created in the last two weeks (and most of which not been used {and have been closed} for several days).

Don't get me wrong, I like the auto-restore, but only for those windows that were live at the time of program termination. I can't handle having to close twenty windows each time Heidi crashes, which is getting more frequent again (the maxing ram issue), don't know if there's been an update for that, but I will be checking for one tomorrow.

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Yes, you should update to the latest build, as this auto-restore feature is new and I shipped a few bugfixes for it afterwards.

And yes, closed tabs should not get auto-restored. In such cases I will probably need more details from you, or I have to simulate what you did. But at first please update and report back if that issue is already fixed.

aSystemOverload posted 2 weeks ago

I updated Heidi yesterday and there is still a stability issue when Heidi is left open with a good connection and then activating sleep and later resuming that results in a crash. But the issue of all previous windows opening, did not repeat itself. I'll report back if I encounter this again.

aSystemOverload posted 6 days ago

Hey Ansgar, Heidi is restoring unnecessary query tabs again. I closed down all, bar the default tab. Closed down cleanly, re-opened and all the tabs I'd closed, re-opened. I've just updated to

ansgar posted 6 days ago

That's odd, as I cannot reproduce this here. Something must be different on your side. Maybe the temporary tab-file cannot be deleted using your user privileges. Please watch for files in this directory:


Probably make a test deletion with a file you created there.

And have a look into the tabs.ini, one folder up.

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