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Undo/Redo History on Query Editor

GuilhermeRossato's profile image GuilhermeRossato posted 12 months ago in General Permalink

Is there a way to change how many steps are saved to be undone/redone?

As of now (freshly installed v10.1) Heidi Query Editor only remembers up to 5 (or 6?) steps, which is not very useful unless I use it to fix typos or some other small mistake. I basically cannot use the "history" part of the undo/redo feature.

The worst part is that once I reach these 5 or 6 steps and press Ctrl+Z again, it clears my "redo" history without any kind of indication, which is completely against any logic whatsoever: I can't know how many "changes" I've made because they can be either 10000 line changes or a single character on the third line.

Basically this is my problem:

Undo x 1 followed by Redo x 1 = Works
Undo x 3 followed by Redo x 3 = Works
Undo x 4 followed by Redo = Doesn't work, fourth undo does not work and the redo fails (and all subsequent redo fail), edit history was cleared!

This is what I want to be able to do if there is such a feature:

Undo x a billion times followed by Redo x a billion times

(Okay, I actually only need about 50 steps, but if it was adjustable it would be nice)

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 12 months ago Permalink

The undo-logic itself is not broken, it's the auto-uppercase feature, which breaks the undo history. See issue #541 for details. You can work around that by disabling it in the preferences.

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