Edit simple text in the Blob Editor

c1001n posted 11 years ago in General
You can answer in German, too.


There is a simple Database containing 1 table - and 5 records

there are 5 ids for each record.

table: sitename
record Seite 1- seite 2- seite 3- seite 4- seite 5
id1 deutsch id2 englisch id3 etc.

In heidisql it says id 1-5 from top down - and seite 1-5 from left to right (memo) in each position

[size=18:fe9eabceef]in theses (memo)s i do have simple text. How do I change this text?[/size:fe9eabceef]

when I click on blob editor, i can see the text, but i cant change it.

ansgar posted 11 years ago
Which version are you using?

The editable-option in the blob-editor is disabled, when HeidiSQL finds any non-latin1-char in the cell-content in order to avoid data-loss when posting the text to the server with a charset which doesn't support these chars!

When I see the text you have in your table, me seems that only these chars are special in any way: < > ' . I would say that these characters are also in latin1, although I don't know exactly. We will check that.
c1001n posted 11 years ago

Thank You for Your reply.

I installed version 3.0 RC3 Revision 111.

Looks like this is the latest version.

There is just simple html text in those fields, I
clauso posted 11 years ago
High, anse,

i have the same problem. my opinion is, that HeidiSQL has problems in editing MEMO Field if there are chr( 13 ) chr( 10 ) characters in the MEMO Text.

Do you know any solution for this?

onno@on-flow.nl posted 11 years ago
Is there a solution already for this prblem
ansgar posted 11 years ago
not yet but we are working on that.
ansgar posted 11 years ago
the bug is fixed now! happy

The next release should be out soon. I'm not quite sure if we should make a RC4 or the final 3.0 now because we have some complicated bugs left. But maybe this version-thing doesn't matter so much, so we most probably make a new RC.
superspace posted 11 years ago

This is one annoying bug!!!!

So good its fixed.

Now.. about the connection problem... haven't checked whether anyone has logged it yet. If not I'll have to log it and hopefully it will be included in the next RC. :P
bioalien posted 11 years ago

I uninstalled MySQL Front and replaced it with HeidiSQL, but I cant seem to edit/save BLOB data through HeidiSQL.

Is there a patch to fix this or is it still in the pipeline? MySQL Front didnt have this problem!

Regards :)

p.s. Nice to see you back in action Anse.
ansgar posted 11 years ago
RC4 will be out in November. :)

bioalien posted 11 years ago
Its mid November and still waiting for the next release/update.

I really need the blob editor Anse. If its already fixed, please release an RC4 while the remaining bugs get fixed then release it as Final. :idea:
ansgar posted 11 years ago
Sorry, but you have to wait a few days, maybe a week or two but I'm still thinking we can release the RC4 in November.
bioalien posted 11 years ago
Fingers crossed 10 days to go till December :twisted:
ansgar posted 11 years ago
yeah I'm still optimistic that we will do that in november :)

And indeed: you will love the fixes and the new features.


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