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YuMERA's profile image YuMERA posted 3 months ago in General

Hi Bro! I have some lib libmysql.lib and size of "my" lib is 1416KB and i see in your insatllation folder for HeidiSQL some lib but size 4361KB. If you can share this library with header file for c++ or say where download this connector source file. Thx...

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

You mean libmysql.dll , and the source code is available somewhere on in their download area. Just find the C Connector.

YuMERA's profile image YuMERA posted 3 months ago

Thx Bro! That's what I meant libmysql.dll. I found this on in zip archive but I don't know how to create libmysql.a file for the MinGW linker. With dlltool, I do not have much success. When I create libmysql.def always I get it like "no symbols".Thanks anyway

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