How to setup a tunnel-tunnel connection?

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Hey Community,

I've been using HeidiSQL for a while now but I never managed to get a tunnel within a tunnel connection. Is there someone that can give me the awnser?

The situation is: HeidiSQL -> Remote server#1 (tunnel 1) -> Another remote server#2 (tunnel 2) -> MySQL server on server#2.

So basically what I want to do is create a connection to server#2 through server#1 to be able to connect to server#2's MySQL database. Currently the only thing i'm able to do is connecting to a MySQL server on server#1 through the tunnel feature currently supported by HeidiSQL.

I cannot open any ports on server#2. The only way to connect to server#2 is through a SSH connection from server#1.

I hope my situation and question are clear. If not, please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Thanks in advance!!

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See this thread

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