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Issues with HeidiSQL freezing - Memory and CPU spike

acash's profile image acash posted 4 months ago in General Permalink

Having issues with HeidiSQL freezing on Windows 10. In Task Manager the app shows Power usage "Very High" and Power usage Trend "Very High".

It has been happening for a couple of months. I have done Windows Updates, Lenovo System Updates. I updated HeidiSQL to the 10.3 version today and still having issues.

Any ideas on what to do to resolve?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 4 months ago Permalink

Can you explain what you exactly did/clicked right before that happened?

acash's profile image acash posted 3 months ago Permalink

I have multiple apps running. Usually have browsers Chrome and FF running sometimes mySQL Workbench as well as Heidi, Postman, Slack, Notepad++.

I will submit a form via app in a browser or API request via Postman, then go to Heidi to run a query to verify data then go back to browser or Postman. When I go back to Heidi it is frozen and I have to go to task manager to end task.

See attached images.

2 attachment(s):
  • HeidiSQL-locks-up-CPU-and-Memory-spikes-_2020-01-14
  • HeidiSQL-locks-up-CPU-and-Memory-spikes-_2019-12-13-2

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