Can not edit bit-columns

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After updating to version I can not change data in columns of type bit. In the SQL-log the following statement is added

UPDATE test_db.shoporderitem SET SubscriptionCanceled=b0 WHERE ShopOrderItemId=27532;

And I get a message box with error: "SQL Error (1054): Unknown column 'b0' in field list" When my colleague changes the field in version it works and the following statement is generated:

UPDATE test_db.shoporderitem SET SubscriptionCanceled=b'0' WHERE ShopOrderItemId=27532;

As you can see the value is different. Please look into this, thanks :)

Kind regards Terkel

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Next build should fix that.

See also issue #1709.

Note that the recent versions have bugs in the build updater, so you might need to manually download the new build from the download page.

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I am using version with SQLServer and I have the same problem.

When all the BIT fields are null there is no problem, but if any of them has value the error appears.

In this case, the statement that executes is: UPDATE TOP(1) "DATABASE". "dbo". "TABLE" SET "FIELD"='1' WHERE "ID"=5608 AND "BIT_FIELD" IS NULL;

But if BIT_FIELD is 1, the statement that executes is: UPDATE TOP(1) "DATABASE". "dbo". "TABLE" SET "FIELD"='1' WHERE "ID"=5608 AND "BIT_FIELD"=b'1';

and it does not work, I have to modify it to: UPDATE TOP(1) "DATABASE". "dbo". "TABLE" SET "FIELD"='1' WHERE "ID"=5608 AND "BIT_FIELD"='1';

Changing b'1' to '1'.

Thanks! :)

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