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HeidiSQL 12.4 supporting SSH tunnel on MS SQL, and many bugfixes

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3rd party updates:

New stuff:

  • Issue #921: add SSH tunnel support for SQL Server in TCP/IP mode. "SSH tunnel" tab is not hidden any longer for unsupported network types, only the checkbox is disabled then.
  • Issue #1721: Let the user disable a session's SSH tunnel configuration, similar to the SSL checkbox

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Turn crash into error dialog, on search and replace dialog, when regular expression is invalid
  • Issue #1226: switch back to TSynHotKey again, after using THotKey in shortcut customizer since b4926f3f579c9d82981dea59a0785dd31c040b01 . Fixes non assignable Enter and Del hotkeys, probably more. This time we don't touch the original TSynHotKey for custom fixes, but through the new TExtSynHotKey.
  • Restore previous scroll position after saving routine, trigger, event or view. See
  • Reduce crash probability in TSecureShellCmd.Connect when user disconnects from session before tunnel is reestablished.
  • Strip comments from current query before trying to detect a table alias. Closes #1753
  • Widen import button on very first tab of session manager, so translations fit to it. Closes #1752
  • Find a better alternative to d262a6acc920083e0728c324a968f83f11f263b7 : set descending column order on first header click when shift key is pressed . See
  • Refactor internal structures for grid/table sorting, prefer TObjectList over Array
  • Issue #1717: block too fast and overlapping calls of refresh action, to reduce crash probability
  • Fix crash due to reset AppSettings.SessionPath through LogSQL()
  • Attempt to fix a crash, happening in some cases when user focuses a tree node in a different connection
  • Disable ASLR and the same flag for 64 bit mode through base configuration.
  • Issue #1568 and issue #1737: exit OnPaintTransient event handler on interlocked calls
  • Hide SSL tab when no session is selected
  • Prefer previously used filename in save-as-snippet dialog. Closes #1747
  • Issue #1730: fix wrong vertical position of linebreaks dropdown
  • Issue #1730: apply font to mother query grid as well, in ApplyFontToGrids
  • Degrade category of mostly log messages from grid editors to debug.
  • Issue #1744: load stored tab file contents always with UTF-8 encoding, to prevent a wrong encoding per auto detection.
  • Issue #1721: fix now wrong tab order with the new "SSH tunnel" checkbox
  • TConnectionParameters.GetImageIndex: prefer more specific icon for MySQL on RDS sessions
  • Update current year in license file
  • Issue #1730: add preference option for disabling incremental search through typing in grids
  • Include some System.Generics.* units without using project's unit scopes or aliases
  • Issue #1568: fix ineffective temporary disabling of OnChange handler
  • Issue #1568: content in SQL editor is modified in SynMemoQueryKeyPress. Attempt to prevent some endless loop through OnChange event.
  • Remove unit scopes from project settings, prefer fully qualified unit names in uses clauses. Enhance readability and compiler performance.
  • Prefer extracted-comments style over translator-comments, which are not displayed on Transifex for some reason. See
  • Create project files for Delphi 11.2, with disabled HighEntropyVa setting so the 64bit builds will run without crash.
  • Add comment to joined short+long hint in translation. See
  • Use red background for SQL errors in log panel too. See
  • Issue #1722: rephrase text hint on filter input so it matches an existing translation string
  • Automagic modifications to form files, done through updates of IDE and some components. Especially removes no longer published properties OldCreateOrder and PixelsPerInch.
  • Issue #1722: add missing translation strings to master file
  • Fix wrong tab order of recent filters pulldown on data grid filter panel
  • Enhance user query error handling. See
    • try to find error position in 1M of SQL instead of only 1KB
    • do not reset cursor if position was not found
    • paint red background on line with error, just until user presses any key
  • Issue #1724: silence another exception in MS SQL mode, when checking for IsNull on a field. Seems to be just a different version of the same bug described in #496
  • Issue #1725: add history menu pulldown to global filter edit box
  • Add missing translation string for new header-click option. See
  • Add option to turn off warning dialog for active but unused SSL settings. See

Modifications for installer and updater:

  • Issue #1735: Experimental support for non administrative install mode, with the default folder C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\Programs\HeidiSQL\
  • Issue #811: Make installation of example snippets optional, and display the used path.
  • Increase lzma2 compression from max to ultra64. Take up more memory for creating the installer and for installing, but decreases installers file size from 46M to 39M.
  • Do not auto-create "c:\Users\Anse\Documents\HeidiSQL\", as we only use it for snippets which can also have a custom path. Closes #1751
  • Updater: quote name of task to run, making it safe to use white spaces
  • Use Release configuration to decrease the updaters file size
  • Issue #1616: Close Heidi processes through updater even if the path is different than the current app path, which is the case when running Heidi from a symbolic link folder.
  • Refactor build updater once again:
    • convert to console application without window, so the user sees all status messages in the order of appearance
    • include SysUtils unit, which increases file size to ~2MB, but enhances maintainability
    • restrict compilation and resource inclusion to 64bit mode - the build updater is disabled in 32bit mode anyway
  • Issue #418: restart via task scheduler after build update, decreasing privileges to the normal user instead of administrator
  • Issue #1733: Sign uninstaller within InnoSetup script. This also signs the installer from InnoSetup now, while removing the sign call from the build process.
  • Issue #1733: sign yet unsigned 3rd party libraries with my own Authenticate certificate

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Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.