Turning off column autowidth

fitzwilberforce posted 8 years ago in Feature discussion
I love using HeidiSQL, but the one thing driving me kind of crazy is that after entering information in the grid view and updating the record, the columns automatically resize to fit the window width. With a lot of columns, that means I usually can't see the data. If there's a preference setting for this, I haven't found it.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
There is no preference option for that.

I have just removed the one call to AutoCalcColWidth() in the OnEdited event, see r2877. Should reduce the annoyance factor.
fitzwilberforce posted 8 years ago
Wow, that was quick!

Works perfectly now. Thanks for a great application.
AliG posted 7 years ago
is this function still available somehow?

Furthermore, haven't you planned to save column info (size, position) for each table?

ansgar posted 7 years ago
Column auto sizing is still built in, yes. Column selection is saved for each table, across sessions. But the widths of columns are auto-calculated each time you access a table, as the content width of cells vary based on filtering and sorting.
AliG posted 7 years ago
I would prefer to have some option to save (and override) the auto-calculated width, because I could see all the columns without scrollbars ;)

for example ... I have date like 2010-01-01 and the width of the column is 15-20px (0,5 cm) bigger than it is necessary ... and if I have 20 such columns :)
ansgar posted 7 years ago
I would prefer to adjust the automatic calculation instead of leaving the effort to the user. Now that you mention the date columns I see that too - will check that.
lemon_juice posted 7 years ago
I agree with AliG. Auto width calculation is fine but it will never be able to always guess how the user wants to view the data. Therefore, saved column widths would be the way to go. It wouldn't be leaving effort to the user because it could be turned off by default. Anyway, in my experience it actually takes more effort to adjust the widths every time heidi recalculates them.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Well, then why not optimize the current calculation, before making a new "manual" feature? The above mentioned pixels are probably more a bug than intentionally I guess.
lemon_juice posted 7 years ago
It's not only date columns that are slightly wider than necessary - it can be because some space is reserved for the cell editing button (...) or control (up and down arrows for dates). In this case I don't think it's possible to squeeze them much.

But... sometimes the extra space is good for readablity because having all columns cramped close with almost no space may look like a mess. Sometimes we need to be able to get rid of the spaces to see more columns. What I'm getting at is you will never be able to make an auto-calculation that will please all users and fit all cases. Correcting date column widths is just a minor problem (if it's a problem at all) while the real solution is remembering user-defined widths - then such small auto-width miscalculations won't matter at all.

For example, I often like to see only the first 10-15 characters of a varchar or text field because that's enough. If a column is a username I usually want to see all text. But if a column contains a 64-character hexadecimal hash then it's useless for me to see it in full, just first 10 characters is enough. I could give you plenty of other examples like that. No program will ever be able to guess all that for the user, that's why I think user-defined widths is the real solution.
AliG posted 7 years ago
yes, I have the same opinion ...

auto calculation can remain there, but there could be an additonal button (in the place where you right click the column) to save widths ;)
niente posted 6 years ago
I have the same problem. I spend more time in resizing columns than in other DB operations. It's almost ridiculous that Heidi hasn't still implemented the "save columns width" button. unhappy

The optimal solution would be to save widths in memory during the same session even if I switch between tables, plus an "autosize" button to reset them to default calculated widths.

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