Session Save Location?

urda posted 8 years ago in General
Where are the Sessions for HeidiSQL saved in Windows? I would like to Sync my session settings across computers, but cannot find the data folder for them.

ansgar posted 8 years ago
See here
urda posted 8 years ago
Oh wow, no wonder why I couldn't find them in %appdata%...

Why the registry? Why not have configuration files? This won't allow me to sync at all.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Registry seems easier to access within Delphi applications. And there were no users complaining about registry, 10 years ago happy
urda posted 8 years ago
Feature Request Then! smile
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Hell, is it really 10 years old? Seems so... the oldest mail regarding old MySQL-Front 1.x is from August 2000. Ok, I have to admit there was a 2-year pause somewhere between 2003 and 2006.

HeidiSQL.com was registered on April 05, 2006.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
That was issue #386, which was open for 3 years before I closed it with status "WontFix" 2 months ago. Just too much work for minor advantage I think.
urda posted 8 years ago
What a shame :(
wagger posted 4 years ago
4 years later, and I REALLY think that feature should be implemented. Just formatted my computer, copied everything except for the Windows-folder, thinking "I have it all".

But no, since the registrey files are in the win-folder, my backup did not get the session list, and thus, I lost it all.

It must be a matter of 30 minutes to write the list in an xml-file than to the registry?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
You should have exported your sessions and settings with HeidiSQL. There are nice export and import functions, in the "File" main menu.

I already decided against XML, and for registry, which is quite a wide-spread approach in Windows applications.
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
I don't think it's a matter of how many time it takes to implement.

If HeidiSQL uses XML then some other user will complain because he made a backup copy of the Windows registry just to find out HeidiSQL settings were not there. Or he'll complaint because he only copied "Program files" and sessions were in "C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming". Or he'll edit the XML file and break it.

The only way to make user data survive a hard disk format is cloud storage. And even then you can lose your username and password.
deckard posted 3 years ago
With all due respect, but 'most Windows applications' do not use the registry anymore for data like this - the registry is only used for certain settings which possibly don't need to be ported or synched.

Usually the folder %%APPDATA/Roaming/<application name> is used for session data like this. At least 90% of the other applications that I just ported from one PC to another worked like this. Hell, even Linux applications store information like this in a local hidden file in the user folder.

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