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vonderalm posted 8 years ago in Feature discussion
1. I open the editor by typing twice F2? Is there another shortcut?
2. Is it possible to set 'wrap long lines' by default?
biblioman posted 8 years ago
I have been wondering for some years why it (possibility of wrapping in the text editor by default) is not implemented still. It seems to be just great. It does not seems so difficult taking in mind some--really cool--recent improvements. And I cannot see any objection...
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Noone asked for such a permanent setting till now. Sounds nice.
vonderalm posted 8 years ago
Permanent setting would be nice, and wrapping long lines instantly by typing F2 in the edit mode as well.
fitzwilberforce posted 7 years ago
Here's another vote for a quick way to get to word-wrapped text editor results. I don't know if a shift-enter combination is available, but that would speed things up a lot for me.

Thanks again for a great program.
Benjamin Berry posted 7 years ago
Yes, a default word wrap setting in the text editor would be a great aid and highly appreciated.

Heidisql is a Godsend! Thanks for your dedication.
kez posted 7 years ago
yes - a word wrap would be incredibly useful.

Working without one very frustrating !!

Thanks for a great toolsmile very much appreciated.
kez posted 7 years ago

could 'views' have the wrapping saved as well, or simply have a menu setting where the word wrap can be turned on or off globally for the SQL editor,

Thanks again, exceptional tool,... :-)
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Please just update to the latest build - will bring you the following:
- Wordwrap button state in text editor is remembered each time you open/close it
- The global wordwrap button on the main toolbar now also affects the view editor
kez posted 7 years ago
Got the update, and everything fine - Superb Anse
Kind Regards
biblioman posted 7 years ago
thanks a lot anse--these tiny improvements are really great (though the whole product would have been great even without them.) ...another good cause for a modest donation.
vonderalm posted 7 years ago
Nice, you didn't forget us. The feature seems to work fine.
Thanks a lot for your work.smile
ansgar posted 7 years ago
It's very easy to forget old forum postings here as there are quite a few. If you ever feel non informed about changes I recommend subscribing to one of these feeds:
- All updates at Google Code, including source changes
- Source changes only
- Forum news and announcements (low traffic)

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