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File Setting Question

jamsession posted 9 years ago in Import/Export
Traditionally, Heidisql was exporting database files to C:\Program Files\HeidiSQL\. But recently, I noticed that they were, instead, being exported to another directory.

How can I get Heidisql to export my database files to C:\Program Files\HeidiSQL\, again?

- j
ansgar posted 9 years ago
That was never the case, and should not be, as C:\Program Files\... is not a proper place to store any data files.

Just select your favorite directory in the "Filename" selector.
jamsession posted 9 years ago
You're right about the file not belonging in the program files directory.

When I first started using Heidisql and until yesterday, the program was just depositing the files there.

So, I let it go, instead of 'tempting fate', so to speak, because I had some bad experiences from telling other programs what to do.

But, you're right.

So, I created a new directory under My Documents and things seem to be working fine, now.


- j

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