My second round of two cents

philipz posted 9 years ago in Feature discussion
Well i must say heidi seems to be getting better and better and though i do miss the good old days of mdi, blue null fields, and the MS Sans Serif gui font, change is always good though it seems difficult when it first happens.

Well lets get down to business with my second round of two cents.

1. Well i suggested earlier that the confirmation box for re-arranging a field position in a table be given an option to disable to confirmation, i believe it was in a bug report, and remember that it was confirmed to have been added, and just wanted where it was added so i can disable the thing.smileIf you could make a re-arrange dialog box so we could move the fields up and down and then commit, that would be the best, as it could all be done in one go.

2. Another suggestion was in this thread about the right-click, Quick filter, FIELDNAME IS NULL and FIELDNAME IS NOT NULL, which i was wondering about. Was also thinking, that if you right-click on an ENUM or SET field, have a quick filter of its set of values. :)

3. Pressing F5 in the database table grid doesnt work for me, it only works through the right-click refresh.

4. Wanted to suggest a 'Add and New' in the 'Add Field' dialog box as it has happened to me multiple times that i had to add a group of fields one after the other and it was quite tedious in the current possible manner. Of course this wouldnt be needed if there was an ability to add fields like in the 'Add Table' dialog, but of course that would take more work, though it would be a great to have it.

5. In the update indexes dialog, could you make the icon arrows a solid green rather than a faded one as it really isnt easy on the eyes with the faded light green with a grey background.

6. Renaming a primary key. Ticket [1809266]. Well i definately need to write more in my bug fixes and will do from now on. Basically when you right-click and properties and rename the primary key name, that goes great, but in the table view, if you press F2 and rename it, it gives you an error. Here is the sql outputted in both cases.

From Properties

From Table View
ALTER TABLE `categories` CHANGE `ID` `IDz` int(11) NULL DEFAULT '0'
/* SQL Error: All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL; If you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead */

Did some more checking around and noticed this doesnt happen to primary keys that autoincrement on, but forever thing else.

7. Well i go through my remote hosted database and if i click on a table data view which has a large amount of records, it can take forever to load (especially ones with TEXT field types in it), so if you could add something in the preference possibly to set the maximum display records on a table that i havent already set the maximum number of display records, that would be helpful. But i just looked and i guess you dont save the preference of the record limit per table, so possibly that would be the first thing to add.smileI do see that it auto limits at 3000, 4000, and 5000 according to various parameters you have set though, but on a remote server sometimes 1000 is alot. You could save this where you are saving the 'sorting' and 'columns' data view option settings.

8. In the export tables dialog, a checkbox for 'select/deselect all' like in the data grid columns drop down.

Well i know this is a mouthful, but i just got the latest build yesterday.smileWould have added these to the feature requests but i have feature requests there that havent been looked at in over 6 months.
aru211285 posted 6 years ago
Hi philipz,

I have created a table in heidi SQL of say 20-25 rows and in the middle i deleted some rows. But the numbering of the rows doesn't seem to be changed so i have for ex: row with number 8 and after that row number 25 and this number is named as id and it is my primary key. So could you please tell me how to reset the numbering so that even i delete the rows it should give a serial numbering. Thanks in advance.

kalvaro posted 6 years ago
Is this a feature request or a help request you posted in this thread for no reason?

In relational databases:

1. Rows have no physical order. You assign a custom order when you issue a SELECT query with an ORDER BY clause.

2. Altering a row does not automatically alter other rows. Luckily.

3. Primary keys are supposed to identify rows. They can't serve such purpose if they change randomly.

3. AUTO_INCREMENT is a feature to generate unique numbers automatically. If you don't want them to be unique, don't use AUTO_INCREMENT: assign your own numbers instead.

I suggest you find an introductory tutorial about SQL and relational databases. The basics are the same for all DBMS: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server...

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