How do i create accounts???

chewbacca2 posted 10 years ago in General
Yes i am new to most of this and i just want to know how do i make accounts??? i would greatly appreciate help
kalvaro posted 10 years ago
Since neither HeidiSQL nor MySQLServer have accounts, something makes me guess you are asking about World of Warcraft.

I point you to my latest reply about the subject:

Need help with accounts for my WoW server
rosenfield posted 10 years ago
To create an account on your private WOW-server,

1. Make sure the server is running.
HeidiSQL is a client, it needs a running server to work.

2. Connect using HeidiSQL.
You cannot use a WOW account for this. You must use a MySQL account.
The MySQL account is created when the MySQL server is installed, in this case the MySQL Server came as part of the WOW-server package, so the author of that package decided what the user and password are.

3. In the tree view, find the correct database and inside that database find the correct table. This is specific to the WOW server, so you need to find out what the name of the WOW database is, and what the name of the table holding WOW-account info is.

4. Click the Data tab on the right to modify data.
To save your changes, just move the cursor away from the row you're editing. Or click the check mark in the top toolbar.

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