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spiderplant0 posted 7 years ago in Import/Export
Hi, I cant figure out how to export an entire table. The options under the 'export' menu are 'export database', 'export selected' and 'export grid' (which exports the rows displayed). How do I export the entire table without first displaying all the table rows (as the table is quite big making displaying all rows an issue).
ansgar posted 7 years ago
You want "Export database", and then select the table before clicking the "Export" button.
jfalch posted 7 years ago
click on the table name in the database tree on heidi.main left side, then select "export database" from the export menu.
In the "table tools" dialog, click on the '+' before your database name, so that its tables are displayed; be sure that there is a check mark only on the database name and on the single table that you wish to export.
select "sql export" tab on the right, optionally select table and output options; select filename, and click on the "export" button.
(if there is a checkmark before the database name, but not before any table name, all tables will be exported.)
spiderplant0 posted 7 years ago
Thanks. I should have tried that menu option!

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