New function: Bulk table editor: Copy to database

MeisterLampe posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion

In bulk table editor I miss the function "copy to database.

I often need to copy tables from my production database in a test database.

It would be nice if you could implement this.

ansgar posted 7 years ago
Copying tables to other databases can be done via Export > "Export database as SQL".
olovka8 posted 5 years ago
the problem with that is that I have a production database of 43+ GB and I cannot (and don't want to) transfer them all to my local test environment. It would be ideal to be presented with a list of tables I want to copy, then I select only the tables I want, and then HeidiSQL copies them to my local DB.
jfalch posted 5 years ago
you can do such a selection in the "export sql" control dialog, by (un)selecting tables in the tree on the left.
olovka8 posted 5 years ago
Thanks! I didn't notice that!

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