filter disable by default

sergtop posted 8 years ago in General
when opening 'data' tab on a table that had previously filtered the last filter is applied by default, but if the last used filter is too heavy the opening takes much time.
it would by useful to set up some preset in preferences/database/table settings to mark one not to use last used filter on load
Olaf789 posted 8 years ago
I agree: especially when dealing with large and complex databases an old filter or sort can take forever. Since the old filters and sort are accessible and you can store your queries, keeping the last filter or sort active becomes more of a nuisance than an aid. I too would prefer a "blank"

For those that require an immediate solution:evilgrin
-Use the portable version
-Either make sure all filters and sorts are of before exiting or edit the settings file
-Save this settings file
-Use a batch file to copy the backup file over the latest settings file before starting Heidi.

This is rather crude but it works.wink
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Related: issue #2187 . Solving that should help out here.
lemon_juice posted 8 years ago
It would be good it this was configurable. The current behaviour often saves me a lot of time when I switch from one table to another, and I wouldn't want to have to select the same filter every time.
sergtop posted 8 years ago
seems like this issue may be fixed in UpdateFilterPanel function or in PageControlMainChange function (besides, why is it needed to execute UpdateFilterPanel every time the tabs are changed - the filter pane is only on one of them)

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