Reload issue with query tabs

kalvaro posted 8 years ago in General
I've found a weird issue with the query tabs (latest snapshot on Windows XP). I did the following:

1. Start HeidiSQL and connect to a database
2. Type a SQL query in the default query tab and save the tab as "left.sql"
3. Open a new query tab, type some SQL and save the tab as "right.sql"

I was editing both tabs and saving changes every time. I was getting prompted now and then whether I wanted to reload the file because it had been modified externally but I always cancelled since I was pretty sure that neither files had been edited outside HeidiSQL. However, the last time I focused "left.sql" and got the prompt I hit "OK". However, I got "right.sql" (not "left.sql") loaded into the tab, so I ended up with two "right.sql" tabs and "left.sql" was gone from HeidiSQL.

I think those were the exact steps. In any case I've tried again and it appears to be reproducible, you just need to keep HeidiSQL open for a while.

ansgar posted 8 years ago
Hehe, sounds funny. Obviously caused by some wrong expectation in the code which detects external file changes. Will look at that.
kalvaro posted 8 years ago
Should I open a bug report so you don't need to fix it right now? The issue tracker features a pretty scary warning...

(BTW, the link in the Issue tracker green tab points to the main project hosting page, not the issue tracker.)
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Ah yes good idea, please do that. I'm currently noticing my tendency to forget things which are just here in the forum. The issue tracker does not have this problem.
kalvaro posted 8 years ago
Reported as
kalvaro posted 8 years ago
Reported as 2274.

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