libmysql.dll not useable

tbop posted 7 years ago in General
Hi there,

When I try to open a session with my database an error dialog appears and tells me:

Can't find a usable libmysql.dll. Please launch heidisql.r3700.exe from the directory where you have installed it.

Of course heidisql.r3700.exe is already launched from the same directory.

What can I do?

tbop posted 7 years ago
Ok, stupid. I downloaded the executable instead of the installer.

Sorry about this useless topic.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
No problem, thanks indeed. I had recently implemented this nicer error dialog where it was an ugly access violation earlier. Just I was a bit unsure about the phrasing. Do you think I should rephrase that?

Can't find a usable libmysql.dll. Please launch xyz.exe from the directory where you have installed it.

dbashyal posted 4 years ago
so i can't download executable and run on it's own? i am getting same message. Going to use installer instead of executable now. hopefully that will run :)
ansgar posted 4 years ago
No, HeidiSQL definitely needs a fitting libmysql.dll . This can also be one somewhere in your Windows directory or in the path environment, but if you never installed one then you need the HeidiSQL installer once.
GaZ Bovem posted 7 months ago

I still have that problem. I have installed the setup, tried both 32 and 64bit, I have reinstalled Heidi, Xampp, the files, etc., everything I should do and followed the tutorials on YouTube correctly. But still this error appears when I double-click on the altislife.sql for Arma 3 to setup a 4.4 server. Heidi works otherwise if I use the exact same session but from the desktop, without double-click on the altislife.sql. Heidi does have a libmysql.dll in its property but it's still saying there is no usable one. I so would like to have my own dedicated server on Arma 3 so can you please help me? I have a screenshot of the error so I can always send it to you.

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