crash on regain focus

bgreene posted 7 years ago in General
Hi, really great product. just hit a minor bug. i had the create new connection dialogue open, clicked on another program window, clicked on heidisql and maxexcept reports a crash
heres the report
many thanks, bill

006e09d0 heidisql.exe mysql_connection 1273 +1 TMySQLConnection.GetAllDatabases
00780b48 heidisql.exe Main 7962 +3 TMainForm.ListDatabasesGetText
0063a63c heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TCustomVirtualStringTree.DoGetText
006399b4 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TCustomVirtualStringTree.GetText
007809c5 heidisql.exe Main 7908 +4 TMainForm.ListDatabasesGetImageIndex
006273a0 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.DoGetImageIndex
00629baf heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.GetImageIndex
00635260 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.PaintTree
0062cc5d heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.Paint
004e255f heidisql.exe Controls TCustomControl.PaintWindow
004dccb9 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.PaintHandler
004dd498 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WMPaint
004e24f9 heidisql.exe Controls TCustomControl.WMPaint
00623b51 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.WMPaint
004d823c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004dcb00 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WndProc
0062f538 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.WndProc
004dc1a0 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004a5720 heidisql.exe Classes StdWndProc
7c90e470 ntdll.dll KiUserCallbackDispatcher
0076b223 heidisql.exe Main 1853 +12 TMainForm.actDisconnectExecute
004a507b heidisql.exe Classes TBasicAction.Execute
004c6a29 heidisql.exe ActnList TContainedAction.Execute
004c77e4 heidisql.exe ActnList TCustomAction.Execute
004a4f3f heidisql.exe Classes TBasicActionLink.Execute
004d8790 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Click
0054aa60 heidisql.exe ComCtrls TToolButton.Click
004d8c4d heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WMLButtonUp
004d823c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004d7e60 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Perform
004dc298 heidisql.exe Controls GetControlAtPos
004dc362 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.ControlAtPos
004d7e60 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Perform
004dc42c heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg
004dc97c heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WndProc
0054f4b0 heidisql.exe ComCtrls TToolBar.WndProc
004dc1a0 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004a5720 heidisql.exe Classes StdWndProc
7e418a0b USER32.dll DispatchMessageW
005763c3 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
00576406 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
00576731 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.Run
0079674a heidisql.exe heidisql 65 +15 initialization
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Which revision of HeidiSQL is that?
bgreene posted 7 years ago
Sorry, silly of me not to have included that.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
No problem, I already guessed it's the latest but I was unable to reproduce that. Can you reproduce that? Was it probably with the last connection just disconnected?
bgreene posted 7 years ago
Very sorry, I feel like a right idiot but try as I might, I can't get it to happen now. If it happens again I'll make a screen shot. No consolation, but when it happened, it repeated itself every time I removed and restored focus.
Sorry 8=(

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