Can´t disconnect a host

Plasm posted 6 years ago in General
When I disconnect a host, HeidiSQL crashes (reproducible). "Continue Application" does not work.

date/time : 2011-05-06, 09:14:06, 337ms
computer name : WSJH2
user name : jh <admin>
registered owner : Microsoft / Microsoft
operating system : Windows 7 x64 build 7600
system language : German
system up time : 10 minutes 36 seconds
program up time : 13 seconds
processors : 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
physical memory : 2050/3738 MB (free/total)
free disk space : (C:) 215,87 GB
display mode : 1600x1200, 32 bit
process id : $314
allocated memory : 63,73 MB
executable : heidisql.exe
exec. date/time : 2011-05-06 09:13
version :
compiled with : Delphi XE
madExcept version : 3.0m beta 1
callstack crc : $00000000, $cabf0500, $cabf0500
exception number : 1
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000.

main thread ($608):
00000000 ???
00745eb2 heidisql.exe dbconnection 3346 +0 TDBQuery.First
007e794d heidisql.exe Main 7954 +22 TMainForm.ListDatabasesGetText
0064b870 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TCustomVirtualStringTree.DoGetText
0064abe8 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TCustomVirtualStringTree.GetText
0064b803 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TCustomVirtualStringTree.DoGetNodeWidth
0064634a heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.PaintTree
0063de91 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.Paint
004f328b heidisql.exe Controls TCustomControl.PaintWindow
004ed9e5 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.PaintHandler
004ee1c4 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WMPaint
004f3225 heidisql.exe Controls TCustomControl.WMPaint
00634d85 heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.WMPaint
004e8f68 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004ed82c heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WndProc
0064076c heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.WndProc
004ececc heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004ab73c heidisql.exe Classes StdWndProc
776200e3 ntdll.dll KiUserCallbackDispatcher
763b0ad1 USER32.dll CallWindowProcW
004ed92c heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.DefaultHandler
004e8f68 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004ebbb7 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.AlignControl
004e679c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.RequestAlign
004ee9bb heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.RequestAlign
004f07a9 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.AdjustSize
004eb96e heidisql.exe Controls DoAdjustSize
00405e86 heidisql.exe System 548 +0 @ClassDestroy
0049c9ac heidisql.exe Classes TList.Destroy
004ebbb7 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.AlignControl
004e679c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.RequestAlign
004ee9bb heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.RequestAlign
004ececc heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004ab73c heidisql.exe Classes StdWndProc
763acd7c USER32.dll SendMessageW
0054f688 heidisql.exe ComCtrls TCustomTabControl.SetTabIndex
00551362 heidisql.exe ComCtrls TPageControl.SetTabIndex
00550d1c heidisql.exe ComCtrls TPageControl.SetActivePage
007ebfd7 heidisql.exe Main 9202 +3 TMainForm.SetMainTab
007e413d heidisql.exe Main 6802 +106 TMainForm.DBtreeFocusChanged
0063808e heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.DoFocusChange
00630a7f heidisql.exe VirtualTrees TBaseVirtualTree.SetFocusedNode
006ab90d heidisql.exe helpers 1777 +2 SelectNode
007d1d89 heidisql.exe Main 1810 +8 TMainForm.actDisconnectExecute
004ab097 heidisql.exe Classes TBasicAction.Execute
004d7755 heidisql.exe ActnList TContainedAction.Execute
004d8510 heidisql.exe ActnList TCustomAction.Execute
004aaf5b heidisql.exe Classes TBasicActionLink.Execute
004e94bc heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Click
0055b78c heidisql.exe ComCtrls TToolButton.Click
004e9979 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WMLButtonUp
004e8f68 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004e8b8c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Perform
004ecfc4 heidisql.exe Controls GetControlAtPos
004ed08e heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.ControlAtPos
004e8b8c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Perform
004ed158 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg
004ed6a8 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WndProc
005601dc heidisql.exe ComCtrls TToolBar.WndProc
004ececc heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004ab73c heidisql.exe Classes StdWndProc
763a7df5 USER32.dll DispatchMessageW
00587443 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
00587486 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
005877b1 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.Run
007fe89f heidisql.exe heidisql 67 +16 initialization
76543675 kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk

ansgar posted 6 years ago
I cannot reproduce that here. Can you describe more detailed: Which tab was open (i guess "Datatabase"?), was there a second active connection or did the session manager pop up?
Plasm posted 6 years ago
The "Databases" tab was open.

Hmm, perhaps you have to do this:
I have a stored connection to an IP-address. This connection was open. I then opened the session-dialog, edited the stored connection to another IP an clicked OK. HeidiSQL asked to save the changes and I clicked "no".
There were then two open connections to different hosts started from the same stored connection. (Also, there were a few additional connections "active" in the tree, if this is important).
Then I closed HeidiSQL (after a few operations on that connection), started again (next day), clicked the second (unstored) connection in the tree and clicked disconnect -> Error.

Hope this helps
ansgar posted 6 years ago
I'm sorry, I'm not able to reproduce this crash here, even by following exactly your reproduction recipe. Can you reproduce that?
Plasm posted 6 years ago
Yes, I can
ansgar posted 6 years ago
In that case the above reproduction recipe is probably missing some detail.
Plasm posted 6 years ago
Hmm, perhaps it´s a detail I don´t pull together with the crash (?)
Is there anything I can try/test?

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