Export as file -- one file per db?

Flint posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
Why we don't have an option to export multiple selected db's to files, one file per db? Also, it would be nice if there's support for naming masks such as date, db name etc in the filename field.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
There is already the option to export one table/view/etc. to multiple files, in database subdirectories. In that case it does not make much sense to have filename masks, is it? The "one big file" option should be used when you want one file per db. I assume there are very few cases in which you want to back up multiple dbs in one go.
Flint posted 6 years ago
Hi anse

I know about that "One big file" option but problem is if I have multiple db's selected and export them with that option, heidi dumps all those db's into a single output file, which isn't want I want it to do.

>>I assume there are very few cases in which you want to back up multiple dbs in one go.

Eh, what's the point of making db's multi select then if it's not for this purpose. happy

ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well, probably you are right, I'm probably hesitating because there are already many options in that drop down, and adding more makes it even more confusing for beginners. hmm. Any chance you live with exporting one db in one go?
Flint posted 6 years ago
Sure I can live without this requested feature happybut then again it looks like a missing indispensable feature when users could multi select db but they can't export those db as individual files

I think you realize that it's tedious to export one db at a time when you have many db's to save.

The new option wouldn't be confusing for beginners if it's worded clearly, imo.
malcomio posted 6 years ago
yes - this would be really useful for me. We have a staging server with lots of databases, so the single file is huge, but separate items per table becomes quite unwieldy
Guido posted 6 years ago
I also would like to see this feature in HeidiSql. I assume that there are very much cases in which you want to back up multiple dbs in one go. For example those who have a dedicated server or vps, like myself. Any update on this yet?
nonumber posted 3 years ago
So 3 years later and this option is still not been added?
Guess it never will be :(

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