Feature Request: SSH tunnel?

Sebastian posted 9 years ago in Feature discussion

I have a somewhat special request.
I use HeidiSQL as a interface to check / repair / manage the mysql databases I have on my root server for community forums and my blog etc. But (of course, for security reasons) my MySQL server is not accessible from other hosts than my server itself. So I use putty to create a SSH tunnel, forward the local 3305 port to my servers 3306 port and connect with heidi to localhost 3305 to access my servers databases.

I would be extremely GREAT, if you could provide a 'SSH tunnel' configuration to the connection. To be easy, that could be a single checkbox and another text field for the SSH user name. You need to to type in two differnet passwords (personally I would NOT enable storing the SSH password) and that's it. Determing the temporary local port could be done randomly, all other information is available from the normal connection config.

That would also (and especially) be great for jHeidi, because you can't create a seperate SSH tunnel on the iPhone ;-)

What do you think about it?

Edit: Oh, I just see that Heidi is written in Delphi ;-)
I could do that SSH connection config in the delphi application by myself and contribute that. But to have that in jHeidi for my iphone would be great, as I won't touch java.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Cool. This is rfe #401.

Before you contribute code it's necessairy to make yourself familiar with the project's structure. It's easy, at least easier as many other project setups - in 20 minutes I'd say you have compiled the .exe .
servertude posted 9 years ago

If you are using jHeidi iPhone and want to access your internal network pls email jheidi@gmx.com and I will send you a web based proxy server that will allow you to connect either with your wifi or your 3G connection.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
SSH tunnel was just implemented in r3229.

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