[BUG] no `` around tablename

koter84 posted 11 years ago in General
When looking up data from a table whose name start with a number HeidiSQL gives an error.

The SQL to produce this error is:
SHOW COLUMNS FROM 871687110000310326 LIKE '%'

which can be fixed by adding `` around the tablename like so:
SHOW COLUMNS FROM `871687110000310326` LIKE '%'

when the tablename doesn't start with a number there is no problem.

The problem does not exists when there are ANY letters in the table name, apparently this problem only occurs when the tablename exists entirely of numbers.
ansgar posted 11 years ago
This bug is already fixed in our SVN working copy. So you just have to wait for the next release :)
koter84 posted 11 years ago
any idea how long it will take for a next release?

since i use a lot of databases which have these codes as tables.
ansgar posted 11 years ago
Indeed we are short before the release of RC4. Will not take longer than days or weeks... :)

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