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chiru posted 6 years ago in Import/Export
Hello Friends,
This is my first minute in HeidiSQL,here am able to see tables created in MySQL,but am not able to understand how to export this data to my remote server i.e my website which is also Mysql database server.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

jfalch posted 6 years ago
find out if the database of your website is accessible via the standard MySQL port (3306); you provider should be able to tell you. Also note database server name, database name and username/password for it.
If it is accessible, use HeidiĀ“s "File" / "Session Manager" to create a session for the website database server. Connect to your local MySQL server, then use "Tools" / "Export database as SQL" and set Output to "Server: xxx", then select tables and options (drop/create/data) and click "Export".

If your website database is NOT accessible directly, but only via a web interface like e.g. phpMyAdmin, use "Tools" / "Export database as SQL", and set Output to "One big file"; select a filename to use, tables and options, and click "Export".
Use the web interface to upload and process this file.

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