[BUG] Error on autocompletion when typing database name followed by a dot

steris posted 2 years ago in General

Each time in the query editor I type the name of a database following by a dot, the program give me an error, instead of the list of the tables.

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ansgar posted 2 years ago

I'll paste the relevant part of the callstack here for my own conveniance. Will check what's wrong there.

exception class    : EArgumentOutOfRangeException
exception message  : Argument out of range.

main thread ($278c):
00782d63 heidisql.exe helpers                 38   +0 {System.Generics.Collections}TList<helpers.TSQLSentence>.GetItem
00847108 heidisql.exe dbconnection          3424   +9 TDBConnection.PrefetchResults
008451e7 heidisql.exe dbconnection          2989  +20 TDBConnection.PrefetchCreateCode
0095ab99 heidisql.exe Main                  5624 +110 TMainForm.SynCompletionProposalExecute
ansgar posted 2 years ago

Should be fixed in r5082. Please update HeidiSQL.

steris posted 2 years ago

Now it's ok. Thank you!

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