Column dynamic filter

become posted 2 years ago in Feature discussion

It might be awesome to see some dynamic filter for column on data view just like table filter. If there is table with 40 columns this could make faster acceess to specific column(s).

become posted 12 months ago

any update ?? I have a tables with more then 100 columns. Any Chance for this function ?

ansgar posted 12 months ago

In the data grid, you can filter columns when clicking on the "Columns (x)" button on the upper right.

Also, you can activate the row filter with Ctrl+Alt+F. Then, typing something into the filter box will hide rows which don't match to that text.

become posted 12 months ago

second option is for value search not column name. To use first I need make to much clicks and configuration is not dynamic. There shoud be option for dynamic column name filter like database and tables. If this will not be implemented then I can do this by myself.

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