Crash on lost connection

drull posted 2 years ago in General

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Connect to server
  2. Type in query window: select * from db.my_table limit 1
  3. Simulate network problems, for example just disable networking
  4. Execute query

Sometimes it crashes with bugreport window, sometimes without any information.

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drull posted 2 years ago

Very annoying bug.

charlieo posted 2 years ago

Same thing I get when my computer wakes from sleep.

xmedeko posted 1 year ago

Happens to me several times during a day.

xmedeko posted 1 year ago

I have stumbled upon the HeidiSQL two years ago and was excited about it. I've recommended it in my company and convinced my boss to send a donation. However, frequent exception and crashed repelled my colleagues from the HeidiSQL.

I've searched the MySQL GUI tools recently and still find the HeidiSQL as the best. Hover these exception and crashes makes it sometimes almost unusable. It's a big pitty. Pls, HeidiSQL developers, fix it and I convince my boss to send a donation again or I will send something by myself :-) Thanks very much.

gretkief posted 1 year ago

I think this is the same problem that I've been having that I posted yesterday Sept 14: "Access violation at address / Windows 10 64-bit". I agree that it makes an excellent software program unusable. Please help!

charlieo posted 1 year ago

Agree this is still a big issue. And allow me to explain why: When I use HeidiSQL I often create queries in many tabs. Some tabs are different small projects. Other tabs are subqueries of more complex queries that I'm working on.

The problem is that I don't want to have to save the contents of every tab. But if I don't, I can easily lose all my work due to a loss of connectivity or my computer goes to sleep leading to a Heidi crash. And when that happens and I lose my work I get really mad.

As a minimum backup, if Heidi saved state and restored it on a restart then at least I wouldn't lose all my work.

Currently I have to relentlessly save everything which is really inconvenient especially for things that I'm not planning to reuse.

Thanks for reading, Charlie

lucasoman posted 1 year ago

Still an issue for me, as well. Sometimes I get several errors in a row, which allow the application to continue running. Other times, I'm forced to restart the application completely. See attached bug report.

Please fix this soon, as it is getting to the point that I will have to look for another client to use; dealing with this multiple times a day and losing work is, as you can imagine, extremely frustrating.

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drull posted 1 year ago

I had to stop using HeidiSQL because of this bug :( dbForge is slower and consumes much more memory, but at least it is not crashing.

denis posted 1 year ago

Same as heidisql . com/forum.php?t=21789#p21789

Please fix it, it's been a year now.

lucasoman posted 1 year ago

This just happened to me again, in the middle of my work, with an irrecoverable error. This bug is critical.

lemon_juice posted 12 months ago

Guys, I wouldn't expect this to become fixed. I've reported this problem several times here and the problem is the author himself doesn't know how to fix those crashes even if he got many donations. The crashes are mostly random, hard to reproduce and I suppose are a result of the framework or compiler that is used - whatever it is it's outside of his control. It's a real pity because otherwise Heidi is really fantastic.

The only partial workaround I've come up with is to never use the TAB key for navigation in result cells or table column cells - TAB often causes crashes. Apart from that there are random crashes in other circumstances, too.

I think it would be best if someone wrote a new program from scratch based on the design of HeidiSQL - in a different language and platform that wouldn't have these inherent crash problems.

charlieo posted 12 months ago

In my experience, the problems are easy to reproduce. Run a query. Put computer to sleep. Wake computer. Run a query. Crash.

The only part that's a bit variable is that sometimes you can click continue after the crash and it will work. Other times the only choice is restart application. Even when 'continue' works you're on borrowed time. The next query execution or the one after that will be a hard crash meaning 'restart application' only.

lemon_juice posted 12 months ago

So you have one case that can be reproduced, that's good, but in my experience there are also crashes which do not happen after sleep and they appear totally random. Anyway, I don't think even a reproducible crash would help the author since he doesn't know how to stop them. Or maybe he could find out but it would require a huge amount of time to dedicate to debugging all the platform that is used there.

xmedeko posted 12 months ago

The crashes are on the lost connection. E.g. the computer woke up after the sleep (as charlieo said), or when using ssh tunnel, just close the ssh and start it again, etc. So, it's easy to simulate - just interrupt the TCP connection to the server. You may also just edit SQL query and the errors occur.

It's all just about clean reconnect to the server, when the previous connection is lost. For me, a good workaround would be to save the tabs state, restart the HeidiSQL with all tabs content restored.

charlieo posted 12 months ago

Completely agree on saved tab state. In that case the crash would go from 'lost work' (terrible) to 'time inconvenience (tolerable)

xmedeko posted 11 months ago

I have rev. 5185 and it seems much better, now.

denis posted 11 months ago

Rev 5186, there's now a log and a popup "/ connection pointer is NULL /" Heidi doesn't seem to crash anymore. A few days of usage to have confirmation, but it seems better.

charlieo posted 11 months ago

I wish I could say that I've seen improvement but it seems the same to me. build 5186

denis posted 11 months ago

After a few days, still lots of crashes with 5186. Still unresolved.

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