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MSSQL access error in Wine 2.6 and above

zootal's profile image zootal posted 2 years ago in General

Heidi SQL (32 Bit) on Slackware 4.2 64 bit 4.4.38 kernel

It seems something was changed in wine 2.6 and 2.7, as with both of those versions I get an OLE error when trying to access a MSSQL database via tcp/ip. This works just fine in Wine 2.5. I'm going to file a Wine bug report, but thought I would mention it here.

See attachment for error message.

MySql seems to work just fine with wine 2.6 and 2.7.

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  • mssqlerror
zootal's profile image zootal posted 2 years ago

Setting mtxdm to native appears to do the trick. For those that don't know how to do this, run winecfg, and under the Libraries tab, you want to type in mtxdm, and click the add button. It should appear in the list of Existing overrides as mtxdm (native, bultin). Click OK. Try again. Should work.

zootal's profile image zootal posted 2 years ago

This issue has been resolved with the latest version of Winetricks. It will set mtxdm to native when you install mdac28. This issue has been resolved, just get the latest winetricks and install/reinstall mdac28.

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